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FerryScope aims at improving water quality assessment of the Baltic Sea by the combination of satellite data, time series of shipborne Rrs measurements, other in-situ data, and improved algorithms and models. The FerryScope project has started in July 2014. FerryScope is a BONUS project.

New season of Rrs collection started April 2015

While the spring bloom was approaching, the Rflex sensors had once again been mounted on Alg@line flagship MS Finnmaid. The observations from the Southern Baltic Proper are again available through the data portal at and in this portal in the data area.

Installation of Rflex on MS Transpaper has been performed a week later. In its new sailing schedule, Transpaper visits Oulu (Finland) and Lubeck (Germany).

FerryBox Workshop 2014, Tallinn

Stefan Simis, SYKE: Automated hyperspectral remote sensing from ships-of-opportunity in the Baltic Sea: progress, system performance, and new services; 6th FerryBox Workshop 2014, Tallinn, Estonia

Rflex sensors on Baltic Sea ferries

Hyperspectral reflectance sensors have been implemented in Algaline ship routes.

finnmaid-with-Rrs-sensor Rflex-sensor 28062013134
Rflex mounted on top of the vessel Rflex with stepper for optimal sensing direction Rflex with recording and automated transfer unit

The sensors had been on board the ships until end of October 2014. They will be mounted again in March 2015 when sun elevation is sufficient for reliable measurements.